Facing yourself- Dialogue with my higher self

allaya’s journey


Recognition of self is the most difficult part of the journey of awareness.  We create all the obstacles we experience.  Why? Do we ask we place ourself in this experience?  To grow and to be empowered.  To test our wings so to speak and see how far we can fly before we spiral down and need to face yourself again.  Self-imposed obstacles are dense thought forms of energy.  Created by our souls, that hold tests of time we need to face and move thru so we can see our light again.  No one does this to us.  We create them so we can release them in finality.  The energy of obstacles are created thru past or astral experiences of another time,  we have not fully acknowledged in the NOW.  To constantly move thru them and clearing and release experience.  Is a constant daily experience.  This personal and collective journey is a highly emotional charged facing our fears and moving thru the illusion.  Realizing we cannot hide in our safe comfort zones anymore.  We need to be responsible for our thoughts and actions and Be part of the collective change life is presently experiencing.  We chose to be incarnate in this Now and to be part of the experience.  Maybe recognizing ourselves both individually and collectively will allow us to create our learning experiences in an easier flow and stop making it so difficult.  As we arise in understanding and awareness-so does all life around us.  Each of us plays an important part in this collective experience.  So face your fears-see thru the darkness to the light as you no longer need to recreate the fear once you understand it.  It will be free to be all you can be and more along with all lifeforms here.  be strong, be blessed as we All step fort out of the shadows and face ourselves and recreate a beautiful world of love and light.

namaste allaya

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