Follow your heart

Sharing like this some experiences, may touch upon someone’s core challenge they face and hopefully encourage them to follow their own soul song or path in life. All stories are different with unique challenges.Yet if we look at the bigger picture, we can see a core pattern of challenges we all face. Thru out eons of times and cultures, there has always been two major groups perse.  Those who lead and those who follow.  We, as souls are recognizing this past thought of the experience. really did not bring us back to the sense of who we All are in the light.  It provided a lot of challenging experiences and growth..  In this incarnation, we are now seeing the bigger picture without the limiting boundaries.  This reflective and transforming period, as expressed by souls becoming aware on different levels is producing a lot of chaotic energy.  As we want to find our voices and wanting our needs met.  The idea of a two-year-old tantrum stage is what we are in. Collectively.  But souls tantrum will evolve into less unleashed energy as they recognize the choice they have.  the balance of action and reaction.  They have a choice.  No matter what your apparently outward situation you may feel you have no choice over.  You have the power of choice within.  To look at the larger situation and decide what you wish in life.  To access all that inner wisdom within your soul and express it thru your hearts wisdom.  Seeing your self as a soul, of energy of created from Light and Love.  Seeing this in others and all life on this planet.  Is a huge awakening of your being.  Then choosing how you act.  Comming from the one heart energy of all of life.  learning from both yourself and life around you in a balanced way.  You rediscover your purpose in life and your inner knowledge.  Ultimately we will achieve collectively respect for each other when we take control of our choices and actions.  words like victims, bullies, power, leaders, followers will no longer have bearing because you will discover your self-worth and see the same in others when you make that soul choice to see and express thru your heart energy center.  Seems complicated, and a fantasy to some as we are in a tantrum, growing pain stage collectively.  The balance will always occur.  It is coming thru the efforts of all of you who are choosing to trust their inner wisdom and come from a compassionate state.  All will come to this state when their soul design of awakening occurs.  This is inner work, all have to go through these soul plans.  It cannot be done for us or taught.  It is within you to open the doors to all you are yourself.  Let us support each other with respect for the inner work happening, nurture others thru acts of compassion during these hard times and watch all grow into a beautiful reality.  The energy of past has challenged and taught us and helped us to see.  We are in the Now, the inner work is done and our light anchoring.  The future is constantly being created.  Chose what you want in the world experience and follow your heart, your mind, may lead you to new challenges to face, based on the old ways.  Your heart actions lead you to your unlimited potential thru your soul’s wisdom.  What do You choose?You are responsible for your choices and thoughts.  You are beautiful lights.  Create for the highest outcome of All. Namaste29213914_10213314020618479_9121508267430772736_n

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