As I continue this journey of remembering with you, sometimes we overlook obvious wake-up hints. as we muddled thru our daily lives.  If you stop a moment and think, how many hints or triggers are presented to you daily to be consciously aware of something..  It can come in any form, a book, a movie, a person, something in social media, a look in the eye of a beloved animal.    Sometimes it is so subtle, we feel the energy, yet fail to pay attention.  I am so guilty of this lol.  In my case, the energy needs to have a stronger force and then becomes the triggers lol energy of aha and called to an action of some sort.  It is all about opening up to all around you and seeing energy and messages for what they call.  triggers, interesting word and to me create an action.  to be inspired.

I met a young man/old soul who approached me from this blog.  he approached me thru contact email, and not sure if i would reply.  he said he just followed his heart and took the chance.  I am new to blogs as writing does not come easy because of a brain tumor, now healed that serious rewired my brain and nde.  so So even attempting this is a major deal for me lol. Well in speaking with him, he said he was drawn to the tara, a ancient mother energy reflected in an ancient crystal skull form from the Himalayas.  I have never mentioned this aspect of my soul work here yet, though i am known in crystal groups for this work.    So this really caught my attention.  He mentioned the word trigger as he seems to have that unconscious effect on some.  I am seeing this as a soul contract, designed to really get me back on track.  Now i am expanding my live talks to include timely issues and to break the old myths of power objects as seen thru time.


My point in this sharing is to be aware of all that comes to your attention and be discerning as that is your choice.  Some triggers are subtle in making you aware and some are very life changing.  They are there for All.  Now choose to be aware of them, when they help you remember your unlimited self and explore all the potential within.  The truth is really, there are no experts, we all have that soul knowledge within waiting to be expressed in a positive way.    Enjoy the journey of remembering.  We are in this together

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