Reversing Your Polarity ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are attempting to assist you all with the bridging of the gigantic gaps that you have on your world. We are talking about the gaps that exist between men and women, Democrat and Republican, haves and have-nots, members of a racial majority and members of a racial minority, religious differences, and even the feelings that you have about your birth nation and your ethnicities. We see you all polarizing yourselves against each other, and it is exactly what keeps you out of your power as a collective.

As a collective, you have so much more power when you are united. And so, we are seeking a way of helping you to remember what it was like before you started clinging to some aspect of yourself, or some belief, or set of beliefs. We are…

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The day I killed myself.

don’t think suicide is the answer because it isn’t. It doesn’t end the pain, it just passes it down to everyone that loves you. You are so loved and you’re not alone.

Road to Recovery

It was a Sunday night and I said goodbye to my coaches and teammates realizing it was the last time I’d see them, and them not realizing I was saying goodbye and not goodnight. I got home, took a shower, and said goodnight to my parents, little brother and sister, and went to bed, or so they thought.

I waited until the house was dead silent and everyone was sound asleep. I went into the medicine cabinet, grabbed every pill bottle I could see, went back to my room and popped them all into my mouth. 105 pills later I started seizing and foaming at the mouth. It was happening, it happened. I was dead.

My mom and dad found me the next morning, screaming for Jesus because they couldn’t believe their baby was gone. I ruined my family from that point on all because I was selfish enough to…

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Mabon Invocation

Reflections of Riverman

Tree SpiritMabon Invocation

Leaves shudder and blow from the branches
as they turn into the colors of fire

Reminding us of the cooler and darker season
in which we will reflect on our recently past days of Summer

Green and Bright they brought forth abundance
as we toiled and gathered in the warm breezes
holding sacred ceremonies for health and renewal

Now we join our hearts on the day of equal Light
to reflect on balancing both Day and Night,
as well as our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

Let us give our gratitude to all who assist us
from realms and dimensions both within and around us
in our planetary work of realigning all that is not in harmony
knowing that our family is much greater than what appears

Yes it is a time of both reflection and gratitude for all
As we pass the Light to our family in…

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allaya blog

Sharing and allowing others to witness my vulnerabilities and insecurities is the most difficult part of my journey in life. I have seriously questioned my motives for this.  To place myself in the public arena and be real.  To be real and authentic, a very scary proposition.  I have hidden my true self since childhood and continued to do so until Now.  I believe this is a pattern for all who care to read this if we are honest with ourselves.  Our desire to fit in and be accepted by others vs what we know and feel inside.  To not be labeled or judged.  to live our lives quietly and hope no one will notice.  Then we come to a cycle in different parts of our lives where we tire of the suppression and speak out.  So what happens instead of support, after a brief period of vocal freedom, many of us retreat again into ourselves.  suppressing all that is within us.  Society says in its many forms, BE QUIET or follow what your environment dictates.  The Norm.  The safe old patterns.  Do Not rock the Boat.  People will make fun of you.  Have we ALL not heard these.  So there comes a time we need to decide what our soul shares.  Some, like i did join groups of like minded finding our voice.  Then we find, we seemingly do not fit again and move to another.  A repeating cycle, until we have allowed ourself to be comfortable.  There are always triggers thrown at us unexpectedly which make us doubt and want to go back to the old ways of security and comfort.  Each time, not as devasting.

We have weathered this spiritual evolution, and many who are comming out like myself to share, are doing so from our hearts.  We do not fit  the present society image of qualified speakers.  We are just like you, facing our insecurities and inner demons brought up to face by these dark nites of soul we all are experiencing. By walking through and experiencing these challenges ourselves, we are able to shine the light on the path so you may understand through our experience.  We wil never tell you How to do it but to support you thru your own inner knowledge which is waiting for you to explore.

If you were just to choose to overcome your fears of what you are and take the first step, you will find there are many like yourself sharing of their hearts and wisdom and coming together thru community.  Break the old boundaries of understanding, judgments and fears.  We created them so we can break them by changing ourselves.  Overcome and shine the heart lights you are.  We are doing this together.


Song of your Soul

Again i share parts of my journey of remembering.  I do recognize i incarnated awake, no blinders on, but thru the timeline i choose to experience and soul contract family i had.  it was a time of consciously shutting down because of no external support.  Does that feel familiar to you?    A common pattern we all share.   We have always separated our spiritual nature from what we project trying to go thru the flow.  Unless your soul chose an exceptional incarnation of recognizing your light at an early age and full support.  Most have has have felt lost with periods of clarity/awakening thru our life experiences.

I feel if we were true to review our lives, minus the emotions of anger/blame and projections and victimhood we try to rationalize our existence.  We can step back and see what we learned or have grown from the challenges and that we can create what we want to have in our lives.  We hold ourselves back thru old pattern beliefs we may not need anymore.  We are beginning to see with open hearts and new vision the world around us and realize we have purpose and value in this world.  this is not about ego/personality but just about accepting your unique light and how you contribute to this world in reconstruction

So my point here is what if you allow yourself to just be you.  Let all that light within you come to the surface/conscious.  Discover your soul song.  Your energy expression thru eons of time.  You are unlimited light, love and what a beautiful world we shall create together.  A dream manifested into reality.  Listen to the inner voice of your soul and let it express thru your heart.  This is your song of your soul.



As I continue this journey of remembering with you, sometimes we overlook obvious wake-up hints. as we muddled thru our daily lives.  If you stop a moment and think, how many hints or triggers are presented to you daily to be consciously aware of something..  It can come in any form, a book, a movie, a person, something in social media, a look in the eye of a beloved animal.    Sometimes it is so subtle, we feel the energy, yet fail to pay attention.  I am so guilty of this lol.  In my case, the energy needs to have a stronger force and then becomes the triggers lol energy of aha and called to an action of some sort.  It is all about opening up to all around you and seeing energy and messages for what they call.  triggers, interesting word and to me create an action.  to be inspired.

I met a young man/old soul who approached me from this blog.  he approached me thru contact email, and not sure if i would reply.  he said he just followed his heart and took the chance.  I am new to blogs as writing does not come easy because of a brain tumor, now healed that serious rewired my brain and nde.  so So even attempting this is a major deal for me lol. Well in speaking with him, he said he was drawn to the tara, a ancient mother energy reflected in an ancient crystal skull form from the Himalayas.  I have never mentioned this aspect of my soul work here yet, though i am known in crystal groups for this work.    So this really caught my attention.  He mentioned the word trigger as he seems to have that unconscious effect on some.  I am seeing this as a soul contract, designed to really get me back on track.  Now i am expanding my live talks to include timely issues and to break the old myths of power objects as seen thru time.


My point in this sharing is to be aware of all that comes to your attention and be discerning as that is your choice.  Some triggers are subtle in making you aware and some are very life changing.  They are there for All.  Now choose to be aware of them, when they help you remember your unlimited self and explore all the potential within.  The truth is really, there are no experts, we all have that soul knowledge within waiting to be expressed in a positive way.    Enjoy the journey of remembering.  We are in this together

Let there be light.

After the darkness, Let there be light.  When we feel lost in the darkness of collective emotions and chaos.  Let Light shine on your path, to guide you.     No matter what your circumstances in life.  let there be light.  Choose to let your soul light break thru the darkness and experience the beautiful heart light you are. Only you can do this, it is your inner journey, to open the conscious door and let your light break thru the darkness you feel..  The new dawn is breaking and you are an important part of it,  Stand strong in your hearts light and all will transform.  let there be Light.

Awakening NDE

Today, I ponder on the several NDE experiences in this life incarnation.    Some unsettling and the last one profound.  So hard to put words to the experiences, as everyone who has it is a very individual process, according to beliefs at that time.  Looking back, i see how each one transformed me on some Level.  I am seeing them as soul designed wake up calls lol.  We are consciously transitioning from an unaware experience to a deeply conscious one where we discover our soul light.  Transitioning, moving from one growth experience and entering another, like the life cycle of the butterfly symbolism.  Maybe time to really look at these words and experiences and find deeper meaning.  As  All is transitioning to deeper levels of understanding.  We are rebirthing.

Follow your heart

Sharing like this some experiences, may touch upon someone’s core challenge they face and hopefully encourage them to follow their own soul song or path in life. All stories are different with unique challenges.Yet if we look at the bigger picture, we can see a core pattern of challenges we all face. Thru out eons of times and cultures, there has always been two major groups perse.  Those who lead and those who follow.  We, as souls are recognizing this past thought of the experience. really did not bring us back to the sense of who we All are in the light.  It provided a lot of challenging experiences and growth..  In this incarnation, we are now seeing the bigger picture without the limiting boundaries.  This reflective and transforming period, as expressed by souls becoming aware on different levels is producing a lot of chaotic energy.  As we want to find our voices and wanting our needs met.  The idea of a two-year-old tantrum stage is what we are in. Collectively.  But souls tantrum will evolve into less unleashed energy as they recognize the choice they have.  the balance of action and reaction.  They have a choice.  No matter what your apparently outward situation you may feel you have no choice over.  You have the power of choice within.  To look at the larger situation and decide what you wish in life.  To access all that inner wisdom within your soul and express it thru your hearts wisdom.  Seeing your self as a soul, of energy of created from Light and Love.  Seeing this in others and all life on this planet.  Is a huge awakening of your being.  Then choosing how you act.  Comming from the one heart energy of all of life.  learning from both yourself and life around you in a balanced way.  You rediscover your purpose in life and your inner knowledge.  Ultimately we will achieve collectively respect for each other when we take control of our choices and actions.  words like victims, bullies, power, leaders, followers will no longer have bearing because you will discover your self-worth and see the same in others when you make that soul choice to see and express thru your heart energy center.  Seems complicated, and a fantasy to some as we are in a tantrum, growing pain stage collectively.  The balance will always occur.  It is coming thru the efforts of all of you who are choosing to trust their inner wisdom and come from a compassionate state.  All will come to this state when their soul design of awakening occurs.  This is inner work, all have to go through these soul plans.  It cannot be done for us or taught.  It is within you to open the doors to all you are yourself.  Let us support each other with respect for the inner work happening, nurture others thru acts of compassion during these hard times and watch all grow into a beautiful reality.  The energy of past has challenged and taught us and helped us to see.  We are in the Now, the inner work is done and our light anchoring.  The future is constantly being created.  Chose what you want in the world experience and follow your heart, your mind, may lead you to new challenges to face, based on the old ways.  Your heart actions lead you to your unlimited potential thru your soul’s wisdom.  What do You choose?You are responsible for your choices and thoughts.  You are beautiful lights.  Create for the highest outcome of All. Namaste29213914_10213314020618479_9121508267430772736_n

Facing yourself- Dialogue with my higher self

allaya’s journey


Recognition of self is the most difficult part of the journey of awareness.  We create all the obstacles we experience.  Why? Do we ask we place ourself in this experience?  To grow and to be empowered.  To test our wings so to speak and see how far we can fly before we spiral down and need to face yourself again.  Self-imposed obstacles are dense thought forms of energy.  Created by our souls, that hold tests of time we need to face and move thru so we can see our light again.  No one does this to us.  We create them so we can release them in finality.  The energy of obstacles are created thru past or astral experiences of another time,  we have not fully acknowledged in the NOW.  To constantly move thru them and clearing and release experience.  Is a constant daily experience.  This personal and collective journey is a highly emotional charged facing our fears and moving thru the illusion.  Realizing we cannot hide in our safe comfort zones anymore.  We need to be responsible for our thoughts and actions and Be part of the collective change life is presently experiencing.  We chose to be incarnate in this Now and to be part of the experience.  Maybe recognizing ourselves both individually and collectively will allow us to create our learning experiences in an easier flow and stop making it so difficult.  As we arise in understanding and awareness-so does all life around us.  Each of us plays an important part in this collective experience.  So face your fears-see thru the darkness to the light as you no longer need to recreate the fear once you understand it.  It will be free to be all you can be and more along with all lifeforms here.  be strong, be blessed as we All step fort out of the shadows and face ourselves and recreate a beautiful world of love and light.

namaste allaya